SDCE Multifibre LyoW®

Product Codes:

  • 2165: 10 metre Roll
  • 2170: 50 metre Roll

Testing Categories: Colour Fastness, Dimensional Stability

Developed in conjunction with Marks and Spencer PLC, LyoW® Multifibre is a testing fabric comprising of six different fibre components. LyoW® Multifibre is used as an adjacent fabric in the Marks and Spencer PLC Colour Fastness testing regime, produced exclusively for them by SDCE.

It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components, Regenerated Cellulose, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic and Wool. LyoW® Multifibre undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure conducted by independent UKAS accredited labs. The testing includes the individual yarns prior to construction and further tests on the finished product. The Multifibre is required to pass these tests before each new batch is considered fit for sale.

Major Advantages of SDCE LyoW® Multifibre

  • Ribbon construction for economy, ease of handling and stability in use.
  • Identification weave built-in to enable easy recognition.
  • Stringent Quality Control.
  • Product authentication and quality guarantee, delivered via SDC security thread.

SDC Multifibre DW can be purchased in multiples of 10 metre or 50 metre rolls.

Certificate Item No. Description Batch
1423 2170 Multifibre LyoW 50m Roll LY
1423 2165 Multifibre LyoW 10m Roll LY
1422 2170 Multifibre LyoW 50m Roll LX
1422 2165 Multifibre LyoW 10m Roll LX
1421 2170 Multifibre LyoW 50m Roll LW
1421 2165 Multifibre LyoW 10m Roll LW